Ristpingilaud G-5757 PROMA 25005757

195,44 € /tk.
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For drilling machines.

For installing small-sized parts during machining.

The table moves in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

Increases productivity due to the ability to perform several operations without reinstalling the part.

The work surface is polished, which preserves accuracy processing

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Tehnilised andmed

  • Pikki käik: 203 mm;
  • Põikki käik: 125 mm;
  • "T" soon: 12.7 mm;
  • Noniuse jaotus: 0.02 mm;
  • Laua mõõtmed: 305 x 140 mm;
  • Laua kõrgus: 115;
  • Kaal: 15.0 kg.
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