Puidupuur LEWIS 30x400x460x12 mm FAMAG 1410.430

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Puur puidule LEWIS
Auger bits are essential if you want to bore deep holes in wood. These tools are characterised by a particularly large spiral chip space, where the wood chips are transported while drilling to the tool shank. Auger bits for softwood ordinary have a taper tap, main cutting edge and a centring tip which works like “crest of thread which pulls on her own“. Based on flank lead of the crest of thread, the augers works well in softwood and in part even in European hardwood.
For comfortable boring, you press the crest of thread into the wood and power-on the boring machine. While the motor is working, the thread point runs into the wood automatically and entail the taper tap who cuts the wood fibre of outward circular ring. The taper tap of FAMAG auger (production run 1410 for softwood) has a so-called pulls hovel polished section. That create special accurate cuts in softwood.

"Lewis" pattern, milled version relief ground by robots, screw threading centre point, main edge and cutting lips for premium quality. Parallel shank with 3 clamping surfaces.
Auger Bits material: Alloyed tool steel
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läbimõõt 30mm
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