Pingikruustangid SVP- 75 PROMA 25100030

29,85 € /tk.
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Prism vise for drilling and milling machines.

The vise reliably fix the workpiece, which increases the accuracy of processing.

Special grooves in the vise sponge allow you to fix workpieces of round, triangular and other sections (prisms).

Width of jaws 80mm

Working stroke 55mm

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Tehnilised andmed

  • Pakkide laius : 75 mm;
  • Pakkide kõrgus: 27 mm;
  • Hardeulatus: 70 mm;
  • Kruustangide kõrgus: 49 mm;
  • Alusplaadi kinnitussoonte telgede vahe: 111 mm;
  • Kinnitussoon: 12 mm;
  • Kaal: 2.1 kg.
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