Laupfrees RM3PCM4050HR KORLOY

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Laupfrees Rich Mill
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Rich Mill

Laupfrees Rich Mill

  • Rich Mill series is one of the innovations that provides more available cutting-edges with double sided inserts and longer tool life for our customers.
  • The unique geometry and special cutting-edge guarantees low cutting loads and long tool life.
  • Rich Mill series has a wide application range from steel and stainless steel to cast iron and aluminium.
  • Applying negative inserts makes it even stronger and provides longer tool life.
  • Rich Mill series has both screw-on clamping system and latch clamping system.


  • Through coolant system - longer tool life due to direct cooling injection into the cutting-edge of insert.
  • Excellent chip evacuation - wide chip pocket, simple screw-on system.
  • Perfect perpendicularity.
  • Stong clamping - 3-face clamping seat, full flat bottom seat.
Z øD øD2 ød ød1 ød2 a b E F ap kg
4 50 42 22 11 18 10.4 6.3 20 40 8.0 0.54
Sub Application facing, shouldering, ramping, helical, slotting, side plunging
läbimõõt 50mm
hammaste arv 4
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