Lamp otsmikulamp 5W/650mAh USB LED 6-functions HT1E421 HÖGERT

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The USB LED front lamp is equipped with a motion sensor and 6 modes of operation.

Provides very good lighting.

The battery in operation mode lasts up to 3 hours without charging.

Designed for professional use, recommended for car mechanics when working on car repairs.

power supply 3,7V 650 mAh;

6 operating modes:

light 5000K strong;

light 5000K economical;

light 3000K strong;

light 3000K economical;

red light;

hazard warning light (red flashing);

motion sensor;

IPX6 moisture protection;

luminous flux 220 lm;

power: CREE 5W;

resistance to falls up to 2 meters;

Battery charge indicator;

light colour – 5000K;

belt – elastic headband;

made of ABS plastic.

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