Lamellketas otsikuga NCS600 50x 30x 6 mm grit 100 KLINGSPOR 258933

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finishing mop NCS 600 for a fine surface scratch pattern for stainless steel, metal, plastic.
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The small abrasive flap mop NCS600 KLINGSPOR is compromised of grinding flaps coated with aluminium oxide.

The non-woven material between the abrasive flaps provides for a uniform finish throughout the lifetime of this small abrasive mop.

It is the ideal abrasive for

  • stainless steel
  • metal
  • plastic

High removal rate and fine surface scratch pattern due to combination of non-vowen and abrasive cloth flaps. Long service life.

karedus 100
läbimõõt 50mm
Abrasiiv tera karukeel/lihvriie
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