Kruvikeerajate komplekt 12-os. meh.3.0-5.0-6.0-6x38/PH0-1-2-2x38/El-c 2-2.5/PH00-0 HT1S097 HÖGERT

Soodushind 16,02 € Tavahind 22,89 € /tk.
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Set of 12 screwdrivers

made of high-grade S2 alloy steel

precision screwdrivers made of high-grade chrome-vanadium alloy steel

durable, deformation and damage proof

A hardened and sandblasted working blade improves the stability of the shaft

magnetic shaft for better precision and comfort

two-component handle with specially formed anti-slip surface for better screwing force.

Flat screwdrivers: 6x125/5x100/3x75/6x38mm

Cross screwdrivers: PH2x125/PH1x100/PH0x75/PH2x38mm

Flat precision screwdrivers: 2.0x40/2.5x40mm

Cross precision screwdrivers: PH0x40/PH00x40mm

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