Kruustangid 200 mm PAKIDEGA TORUDE jaoks HT3B619 HÖGERT

Soodushind 128,14 € Tavahind 183,06 € /tk.
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Rotary locksmith’s vice designed for clamping objects manually or mechanically processed. Used for repair, overhaul and construction work. A robust, cast iron structure with an anvil and hardened thread enables the use of the vice during heavy duty work.
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Technical data

  • Jaw width: 200 mm;
  • Coated with baked anti-corrosive paint;
  • Adjustable, rotary base enables to change the angle in the horizontal plane by 360 degrees and to place the workpiece in the most comfortable operating position;
  • Steel, hardened jaws with cross cuttings;
  • Strong, durable ductile iron body (graphite inclusions);
  • Base mounted with two bolts;
  • Chrome-plated steel structural elements;
  • Knob equipped with safety ends.
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