Ketasfrees 80x 5.0x27.00 mm z= 20 HSSCo5 DIN885B ZPS 739275.08005

Saadavus: Tellimisel
Side and face milling cutters, straight teeth

Type H:

Designed for milling (finishing) of materials of medium and higher strength (up to 1200 MPa). Surface roughness Ra 3,2; exceptionally even 1,6.

Cutting edges on the face and perimeter of the side and face cutter

Tool geometry:

Helix angle = 0°. Rake angle = 8°.

Material HSS Co5:

Very high performance high speed steel with good toughness for milling cutters and for milling of materials up to the strength of 1200 MPa.

90,48 € /tk.
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