Freesiplaat WNMX130520ZNN-MM PC5400 KORLOY

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WNMX features

  • Nose-R: security of rigid edge in ramping pocket machining, round edge suitable for high feed rates insert geometry, possible to use R/L machining.
  • Optimal grades for most workpieces makes high efficiency cutting possible.
  • Clamping surface: design for stable clamping, prevention of friction by chip.
  • Minor cutting edge: improvement of surface roughness in high feed machining, special design for decreasing thrust force, symmetrical insert design for R/L type tool.
  • Chip breaker: reduction of cutting load due to high rake angle, improvement of chip flow and evacuation in various applications, prevention of damage on clamping face of insert.
  • Major cutting edge: symmetrical design insert for R/L type tool, superior cutting performance due to high rake angle cutting edge, low cutting resistance in high feed, special design for decreasing thrust force.
Grade ISO Features
PC5400 P35-P45
Universal grade for interrupted machinning of steel, cast iron, hard to cut materials and stainless steel with stable machinability.
New coating layer with high toughness and lubrication on ultra fine grain substrate with high toughness
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