Varsijyrsin kovametalli ZPFE3060-050 PC320U 6.0x16x60 z=3 KORLOY

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Z+ highly efficient and economical endmill for general cutting

  • Wide range of wrokpiece materials up to HrC47 (carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, etc).
  • Wide application range from roughing to finishing.
  • Increased tool life thanks to a new substrate and advanced coating layers.
  • Prevented chipping and extended cutting time thanks to its optimised balde design.
Designation øD ød l L
ZPFE3060-050 PC320U 6 6 16 50

Grade ISO Features
PC320U AlCrSiN coating layer: coating lubrication making possible high temperature/high speed machining.
Ultra fine substrate with excellent wear resistance applied.
leikkainten lukumäärä 3
halkaisija 6.0mm
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