Varsijyrsin kovametalli APLFE3200-150 H05S 20x75x150 z=3 KORLOY

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A+ Aluminium endmill features

  • Endmills for rough, medium to finish cutting of aluminium.
  • Optimised solutions for each application type - A wide selection of tools provided for various machining processes.
  • Higher machining efficiency - advanced flute design and cutting edge technology applied.

APFE features

  • U-shaped flutes with mirror-like finishing.
  • Efficient chip evacuation through wide chip pockets.
  • Inhibited build-up edges due to mirror-like finishing.
Designation øD ød l L
APLFE3200-150 H05S 20 20 75 150
leikkainten lukumäärä 3
halkaisija 20mm
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