Battery Charger SM 1236 Inverter Automatic 230V/ 60W 12V/ 3.6A 1.2/120Ah DECA 300700

55,48 € /pc.
VAT will be added to the product price.
Automatic battery charger with maintenance charge program (pulse charging)

Suitable for charging Lead batteries: WET with and without maintenance, AGM, GEL, Ca / Ca.

Multi-stage charging: the batteries are charged by applying sophisticated multi-step programs.

High efficiency: the I-U charge characteristic (constant current - constant voltage) minimizes the charging time of the battery.

"Pulse Maintenance" maintenance function: can be kept connected to the battery for a long time. They keep the battery ready for use through impulse charging.

Guaranteed safety: designed to protect vehicle electronics. They do not create sparks; they are protected against polarity inversions and short circuits.

IP65 protection

Light and compact battery charger. Built for outdoor use.

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