Puukkosahanterät 240x19x1.50- 6"/1/2" TOP FOR WOOD HCS S1531L BOSCH 2608650613

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S 1531 L

HCS, side set, ground

Coarse wood, free of nails (<190 mm), pruning green wood (diameter <190 mm), firewood (diameter <190 mm)

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  • S 1531 L Top for Wood Reciprocating Saw Blade delivers clean fast cuts for pruning wooden materials
  • Pointed, sharp-ground teeth are excellent for exact pruning results and also prevent damage to plants
  • Large tooth pitch (5 mm) and large gullets remove material quickly, enabling rapid cutting
  • HCS blade material is appropriate for pruning green wood
  • It has a long length of 240 mm, which enables a cutting capacity of up to 190 mm.
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