Battery Charger MATIC 119 Automatic 230V/115W 12V/ 9A 10/120Ah DECA 300500

82,13 € /pc.
VAT will be added to the product price.
Suitable for charging lead batteries: WET serviceable and maintenance free, AGM, AGM Power, GEL, Start & Stop.

Input Voltage :1 Ph x 230 Volt

Nominal battery voltage :12 Volt

Power: 115W

charging current : 9,0 Amp

Battery capacity :10 /120 Ah

Weight: 2.5Kg

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

Automatic battery charger with electronic control of the charging current, end of charge and automatic reset.

  • Suitable for charging lead acid batteries: WET , with and without maintenance AGM, AGM Power, GEL, Start & Stop.
  • Automatic reset thermostatic protection.
  • Protection against reverse polarity and short circuits
  • Signaling LED: power supply, charging in progress, battery full, polarity reversal
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