Konekalvain 9.52/H7x 36x162 HSS MORSE-1 t=6 DIN208 Form B CSN221431 STIMZET

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Morse taper machine chucking reamers. CSN 221431 - DIN 208 Form B (ISO R 521).

The tools is right-hand cutter with teeth in the left-side helix at 7° angle, with an even tooth pitch.

The tools are made as standerd for holes with tolerances H7.

Usability: For all ferrous and non-ferrous materials and alloys, as well as for hard and soft plastics..

Effective machining of blind and through holes in small batch and mass production. Machined holes have a small circularity deviation and a very good surface quality.

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standard DIN208-A,B
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