Kiilaurajyrsin short 28x 26x 96 mm d=20h6 z= 2 HSSCo8 DIN327 ZPS 210508.280

88,41 € /pc.
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Slot drills short centre cutting 2 fluted

Type H:

Designed for milling (finishing) of materials of medium and higher strength (up to 1200 MPa). Surface roughness Ra 3,2; exceptionally even 1,6.

Tool geometry:

Helix angle = 10°. Rake angle = 4°.

HSS Co8:

High-performance steel with good toughness and excellent thermal resistance. It is suitable in particular for milling of highly tough materials, austenitic steels, steels for hot forming etc.

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type of milling cutter DIN327
halkaisija 28mm
leikkainten lukumäärä 2
tool material HSSCo8 /M42
shank straight
L2 pituus käyttö 26 mm
L1 kokonaispituus 96 mm
Varren halkaisija 20 mm
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