Keernapora 35x 30mm HSS HCS.350 EUROBOOR

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Euroboor Annular Cutters are manufactured using superior-quality raw material. The cutters are appreciated worldwide for their optimum performance, durability and longer functional life. Being corrosion resistant, durable and non-abrasive, Euroboor Annular Cutters are widely used in the construction, oil and shipping industry as well as in different other industries.
Annular cutting
Cutting material with Euroboor Annual Cutters is an efficient way to create holes of 12 mm up to 130mm diameter. They come in cutting depths 30, 55, 75 and 110 mm.
Multiple cutting teeth cut only the material around the periphery of the hole, leaving a solid metal slug. In fact, the wall thickness of the cutter is approximately 3 mm, meaning that no matter what size hole you are cutting, you are only removing a minimum amount of material around the edge of the hole.
Because the cutting surface of annular cutters is spread out over multiple cutting teeth, they remain sharper for a longer period of time and can create 5 to 10 times more holes than traditional twist drills. Hole cutting with Annual Cutters requires no pre-drilling or step drilling. Holes are smooth and burr-free. No reaming is required.
drill depth 30mm
halkaisija 35mm