Keernapora 24x 55mm HSSCo8/M42 IBL.240 EUROBOOR

68,63 € /pc.
VAT will be added to the product price.
HSS-Cobalt Annular Cutters with a drill depth of 55mm are made of High Speed Steel with an additional 8%/M42 Cobalt.

The HSS-Cobalt Annular Cutter is specifically designed to remain cool when cutting a hole.

All flutes are fully ground, resulting in super-fast feed rates and smooth holes in hard materials, providing better chip clearance and higher cutting performances.

Are widely used in the metalworking industry for its superior red hardness compared to more conventional high speed steels.

The higher cutting speeds will lead to shorter cycle times in production.

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drill depth 55mm
halkaisija 24mm
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