Hiomahylsy 30x20 grit 40 CS451X ZIRCON KLINGSPOR 334246

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Spirabands for stainless steel, high-alloy steel, aluminium.
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Abrasive sleeves KLINGSPOR

The spiraband CS 451 X from Klingspor is acclaimed for its long service life and the cool grinding performance it delivers.

The Klingspor spiraband CS 451 X combines exceptional ease of use with perfect suitability for weld seam and edge sanding applications.


  • stainless steel
  • high-alloy steel
  • aluminium

High-quality alumina zirconia with multibond especially suited for working on stainless steel. The multibond will keep material from sticking to the abrasive, i.e. prevent the grain from vitrifying, thus eliminating the development of friction-induced heat.

Tear-resistent cloth with reinforced backing. Spiral shaped joint, cylindrical form.

High aggressiveness when used with rubber drum GK555.