Grinding machine PBP-170M 230V/550W PROMA Art.25012003

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Technical data:

Power 550W
Voltage 230V
Work table size 152 x 304 mm
Max. Longitudinal displacement 340 mm
Max. Transverse feed 170 mm
Max. Distance of the spindle center from the table surface 210 mm
Clamping plate Permanent magnet (150x300mm)
Transverse displacement - division of the vernier 0.02 mm / rev.
Vertical displacement - division of the vernier 0.0254 mm / rev.
Grinding wheel speed 2,800 /min
Grinding wheel dimensions 180 x 13 x 31.75 mm
Max. Table load 30 kg
Machine height 1,450 mm
Weight 250 kg
Warranty 2 years