Bench grinder SE-9 150 mm 230V/375W NEBES

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This second line of Nebes’ bench grinders is build for industrial usage. As well as the Special Line, a bimetallic thermal guard inserted internally in the copper coiling, constantly protects the motor and saves it from eventual overload guaranteeing a virtually unlimited life.

All the motors are made of hi-efficiency German magnetic steels offering higher power for intensive usage: Adjustable anti-crash eye protection shields‚ spark deflectors‚ wheel guards and tool rests are integral cooling trough is included in the base of the machine (B200)

Wheels not included

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

Technical details:

Model Hp W RPM Wheel Weight Warranty
SA Line 0.5 375 2800 150x20x16 11.2 5 years
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