Digitaalne multimeeter ACV/DCV/ACA/DCA/R/C/f/d HT1E600 HÖGERT

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Digital meter used for diagnostics and detection of faulty components of electrical installations. Used in the automotive, electrical and installation industries.
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  • TRUE RMS measures alternating current and voltage – precise RMS value for both sinusoidal and deformed waveforms;
  • VFC measures variable frequency current and voltage;
  • DATA HOLD keeps the currently measured value on the display;
  • LIVE – cable phase measurement / detects AC current in the cable;
  • RANGE – switches between auto and manual selection of the operating range;
  • multimeter measures DC and AC voltage up to 600 V, DC and AC current up to 10 A and resistance up to 99,99 MΩ, capacitance up to 99,99 mF, frequency up to 60 kHz, performs diode and continuity tests and battery tests with 1,5 / 9 V;
  • large LCD backlit screen which 9999 counts display;
  • built-in flashlight enables work at night and in the dark;
  • rubber casing protects against mechanical damage;
  • comfortable, ergonomic, compact shape allows comfortable, single-hand operation;
  • powered by 2x1,5 V AAA batteries, longer battery life thanks to Auto Power Off;
  • a stand on the back of the body enables to position the device for better visibility of the displayed data, special holders for attaching cables and a bracket for hanging the meter on the wall;
  • test leads included.

Tehnilised andmed:

AC pinge 0-600 V
DC pinge 0-600 V
AC vool max. 10 A
DC vool max. 10 A
Mahtuvus max. 99,99 mF
Takistus 0-99,99 MΩ
Sagedus 0-60 kHz
Aku kontroll 1,5 / 9 V


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