Warranty Information

General Terms and Conditions

1.1. Products sold in the shop of the M.K.T AS, reg. 10430859 (hereafter referred to as the
Warranty Provider) are warranted against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.

1.2. In case a defect is discovered during the warranty period, the Warranty Provider shall arrange
for a free repair or replacement of the goods. When approaching the Warranty Provider under the
present conditions, the Buyer shall hand over the goods covered by the warranty and describe the
defect in as much detail as possible. Before accepting the goods for repair, the Warranty Provider
may require the Buyer to provide a receipt, invoice or another document certifying the time of

1.3. If, during the course of the repair, it becomes apparent that the repair is not possible or will be
financially unreasonable, the Warranty Provider shall inform the Buyer thereof as soon as possible.
The Buyer shall receive a replacement item from the Warranty Provider’s office and the Warranty
Provider shall inform the Buyer of the new delivery time. If replacement of the goods is impossible,
the Warranty Provider shall inform the Buyer thereof and shall refund the cost of goods no later
than 14 days after receiving the information necessary to initiate the refund.

1.4. The Warranty Provider is under an obligation to repair the goods within a reasonable amount of
time, not exceeding 30 days. Once repair of the goods is complete, the Buyer shall be informed in

Warranty Period and Extension

2.1. The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of delivery of goods to the Buyer.

2.2. The time during which the goods are repaired under warranty shall not be counted as part of the
warranty period and shall be extended by the number of days during which the goods were repaired.
The repair period shall commence from the date of delivery of goods by the Buyer to the Warranty
Provider, and shall end on the date of receipt of the repaired items by the Buyer.

2.3. When the goods are replaced free of charge, the warranty period shall not start over, though the
original warranty shall be extended by the time spent in repair.

Validity and Expiration of Warranty

3. The warranty shall not apply in the following situations:
3.1. The service manual provides for a periodic maintenance of the goods and the Buyer has not
contacted the Warranty Provider’s office in time;
3.2. The goods were damaged as a result of:
- a fall or other accident;
- normal wear and tear;
- failure to follow the instructions;
- extreme conditions such as heat, water submersion, etc.;
- as a result of obvious misuse.
3.3. There is no way to identify the item’s unique serial number.

4. The warranty ends:
- upon expiry of the warranty period;

- as a result of damaging or tampering with the unique number of the goods while in the Buyer’s
- if the Buyer or a third party attempts to repair the goods on their own.

Other conditions

5.1. The Buyer shall not be entitled to any compensation from the Warranty Provider for delivery
costs or other damage resulting from the Buyer not being able to use the goods during the time the
defect is identified and fixed. Similarly, the Buyer shall not be entitled to compensation from the
Warranty Provider for any income lost.

5.2. The Buyer who qualifies as a consumer shall have all the consumer rights under the Estonian
laws in addition to the rights provided by the present warranty conditions.

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