Turning insert DCMT11T304-MP NC5330 KORLOY

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Turning insert
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MP chip breaker

  • Chip breaker for forged steel of automobile parts and all other steels.
  • Quad dots improve productivity through efficient chip control at high feed.
  • Angle land minimises cutting force.
  • Front two step dot: higher stability of chip curls at high feed, excellent chip control when copying, lower cutting force at high depth of cut.
  • Variable land: less crater wear, prevents chipping on minor cutting edge, higher tougness at high depth of cut and interrupted cutting.
  • Flat zone: larger chip pocket for better chip evacuation at high feed, reduced cutting force with larger contact surface of chips.
Grade ISO Features
NC5330 P30-P35
Stainless steel. General cutting for mild & forging steel.
Excellent cutting performance in hard to cut materials which are vulnerable to built up edge, due to the high tough substrate with improved fracture resistance and the coated layers.
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