Slot drill short 6x 8 x 52 mm d=6h6 z= 3 HSSCo8 DIN327 ZPS 230418.060

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Slot drills short, 3-fluted, centre cutting

Type N: Universal usage. Suitable for materials up to strength 900 MPa.

Tool geometry: Helix angle = 30°. Rake angle = 12°.

Material HSS Co8:

Straight shank with clamping flat (Weldon) according to DIN 1835 B.

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More Information
type of milling cutter DIN327
diameter 6.0mm
number of teeth 3
tool material HSSCo8 /M42
shank straight
L2 length of cut 8 mm
L1 overall length 52 mm
Shank diameter 6 mm
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