Flap disc POLIMAXX 2 115x22.23mm Superior DRONCO 5541206100

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Fleece flap disc with coarse fleece texture for descaling and derusting workpieces, preparing welding seams, smoothing welding seam flaking, sanding very fine welding seams, removing weld spatters, preparing and re-polishing welding seams, sanding fine welding seams, matting of surfaces, removing oxide films, thermal discolouration or thin layers of varnish on metals, polishing stainless steel. The gloss polishing flap disc for angle grinders is equipped withflaps made of a special high-quality felt and is typically used with polishing compounds. This gives the workpiece a mirror finish.
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grit 80
diameter 115mm
Grain type non-woven material
Quality classes Premium