Angle sander RAM10LR 12000p/min/0.30kW 1/4" ATA

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For light grinding and sanding with 75mm coated abrasive and surface conditioning discs for polishing and sanding use the RA10LR with 50mm surface conditioning discs.

• Aerospace

• Automotive

• Fabrication

• Foundries

• Shipyards

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Technical data:

Tungsten Carbide Burrs 10 - 12 mm
Speed (rpm) 12000
Power (hp) 0,40
Power (watt) 300
Weight (kg) 0.59
Length (mm) 147
Height (mm) 70
Air Consumption (m3/min) 0.57
Air Consumption (cfm) 20.13
Standard Collet Size (mm) 6
Collet Options (mm) 3
Collet Type CB Type
Exhaust Type Rear
Lever Type Safety lever
Warranty 1 year