Timanttiteroituslaikka 1A1 150x10x3x32 AC4 100/80-50-B2-01 POLTAVA

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Timanttiteroituslaikka 1A1:

The diamond layer is made of diamond grinding powder with metal or resin bonds.


  • Used for machining of conical, cylindrical and flat surfaces, cylindrical and conical apertures.
  • Machining of cylindrical surface parts and surface ends at one set-up.
  • Machining of recesses and slots of carbide stamps.
  • Sharpening and finishing of carbide tools.
  • For metal bonded tools coolant is required.
Catalog number D, mm T, mm X, mm H, mm
0-0096 150 10 3 32
Timanttiteroituslaikka 1A1