Konekierretappi FORMING TAPS M 8.0x1.25x 90 HSS-E DIN371 ISO2X/6HX 35515 VÖLKEL

Saatavuus: Varastossa
Fluteless (Forming) Machine Taps, DIN 371. Type of thread: metric ISO-thread DIN 13. Tolerance: ISO 2X /6HX
13,85 € /pc.
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• longer endurance as cutting taps

• higher possible cutting speed

• steady exactness of dimension and profile

• high stability of the forming threads

• high security against fracture

• no removal of swarf, no jaming of swarf


for chipless production of internal threads

• for nonferrous metal of good ductility

• for long-chipping nonferrous Metal (Cooper, Brass, Bronze, Alu)

• Zinc alloys

• for through and blind holes