Kääntöterä CCMT09T304-MP NC3225 KORLOY

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MP chip breaker

  • Chip breaker for forged steel of automobile parts and all other steels.
  • Quad dots improve productivity through efficient chip control at high feed.
  • Angle land minimises cutting force.
  • Front two step dot: higher stability of chip curls at high feed, excellent chip control when copying, lower cutting force at high depth of cut.
  • Variable land: less crater wear, prevents chipping on minor cutting edge, higher tougness at high depth of cut and interrupted cutting.
  • Flat zone: larger chip pocket for better chip evacuation at high feed, reduced cutting force with larger contact surface of chips.
Grade ISO Features
NC3225 P15-P25 Universal grade for general steel and forged steel.
1st recommended grade for general machinning with the use of high tougness substrate and coating layer with improved welding/chipping resistance.