Drill 10.50x 87x168 mm MORSE taper shank 1 HSS DIN345RN STELLA BIANCA 059C

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Taper shank drill HSS
Usability: Drills are recommended for usual drilling of parts made of unalloyed steel or alloyed steel, cast steel up to 900 N/mm2, grey-, malleable- or nodular cast iron, sintered steel, Al-alloys with the discontinuous chip, bronze, tough brass etc.
Range: Ø 5,0 ÷ 90,0 mm
λ = 25° ÷ 30°
ε = 118°
Manufacturing Mode: V, T, F
Grinding Mode: Form N, A, C
ØD= 5,0÷14,0 MORSE 1
ØD= 14,5÷23,0 MORSE 2
ØD= 23,5÷31,5 MORSE 3
ØD= 32,0÷50,5 MORSE 4
ØD= 51,0÷76,0 MORSE 5
ØD= 77,0÷90,0 MORSE 6