lõikeketas roostevabale

00010157 Lõikeketas met 125x1.0x22 A 60RINOX ATTACK DRONCO 1120240123 0.35 eur

Lõikeketas metallile ATTACK A60R INOX
Dronco Attack Range
  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Dronco quality
  • Outstanding price performance ratio
  • Out performs competitors similar low priced products
The Dronco Attack INOX metal cutting discs are an essential cutting tool for a wide range of metals. Typically used for sheet metal, these cutting discs come with the Dronco seal of approval, ensuring they are hardy, long lasting and have an excellent price to performance ratio. Known to outperform competitors with similarly priced products, Dronco Attack metal cutting discs are a highly competitive, low-cost product.

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