Mikroabrasiivsed toruharjad

05400185 Toruhari MIKROABRASIVE AO 600/0.30 25x25x125mm 541.095 LESSMANN 13.57 eur

Interior brushes with zinc coated twisted
wire and single spiral
Due to the filling of aluminium oxide or silicon
carbide their usage is more flexible than
with conventional interior brushes.
Interior brushes with abrasive fi laments
are usually used for deburring bores, cross
bores, o-ring recesses and for polishing and
cleaning small bores.
Due to the fl exible surface of the bristles the
interior brushes suit to the contour of the
bore and areas which are hard to reach can
be treated. Abrasive bristles also have grinding
effects on the side. That allows a rounding
of the edges also on cross bores.
Also brushes with diamond filling are available,
that causes an even more aggressive surface
of the brush 

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