General information

M.K.T. AS was founded in 1991. From the beginning, wholesale of professional tools, devices, industrial equipment, rendering of services and consultations on the usage of the offered goods have been its main activities.
99% of the assortment are the goods of the professional or industrial quality.
The main suppliers are located in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia. In addition there are suppliers in Sweden, Taiwan, China, Belorussia and the Ukraine.
M.K.T. AS is the largest supplier and importer of abrasive, metall cutting and hand tools and wire brushes.
The company is the leading supplier of measurement tools, stone cutting tools, diamond and power tools.
At present the company is actively developing the supplies of welding materials.
The clients of the company include the largest industrial enterprises in Estonia and the majority of medium and small industrial and service companies.
More than 150 different shops and retailers on the territory of Estonia sell the tools supplied by M.K.T. AS .
Moreover, the company exports the goods further to Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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