Käsi keermepuurid

Technical Information

D Nominal diameter
D2 Shank diameter
D3 Neck diameter
D4 Point diameter
D5 Minor diameter
L1 Overall length
L2 Thread length
L3 Neck length
L4 Square length
P Pitch
a Square
m Land width
n Flute width
s Thread relief
a Relief angle
g Rake angle
a1 Thread angle

Leads of Hand Taps, Sets of 3 pcs.
Nr. 1
Rougher, 6-8 Threads Lead
Nr. 2
Intermediate, 4-5 Threads Lead
Nr. 3
Finisher, 2-3 Threads Lead

Leads of Hand Taps, Sets of 2 pcs.

Nr. 1
Rougher, 5-6 Threads Lead
Nr. 2
Finisher, 2-3 Threads Lead

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